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As the leading supply, service & repair company for mining, earthmoving, oil & gas, marine, industrial power generation, compressors, hydraulics and drilling industries we provide the best quality products and the most competitive prices. Please see below an overview of the wide range of Indocool products, we PT Indocool Solusi Cemerlang can offer you.

Lower maintenance costs are the result of being able to repair the Radmax radiator on location with unskilled labour and simplehand tools.

Is clearly superior for applications that must withstand elevated temperatures and harsh conditions without failure.

a wide selection of process and ambient air fin geometris, are available to maximize heat transfer with minimum pressure drop within your operating conditions.

By using a Radmax Safety Cap it means you can safely release the coolant pressure before you remove the cap.

Flexible construction allows infinite number of core configurations and size with no restriction on thickness to custom design a solution to meet your requirements.

Cores and complete can be designed & manufactured in many various designs and
materials to suit the customer individual requirement. Many model can ordered by cross reference to OEM part number.

Ready to use radiator coolant, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Using OAT (Organic Additive Technology), the latest technology as corrosion protection

To ensure that the best performance is achieved and the power consumption and noise level are as low as possible, it is of utmost importance that the right impeller is selected.

our expertise

Professional Technicians

Our technicians are very professional who have been in the cooling system field for a long time.

Based on the assessment report

Our team will first inspect the damage to your cooling system components.

Experience in handling various kinds of heat exchangers

Our technicians are experienced in handling various types of heat exchangers, so there is no doubt about their ability in the field of cooling systems.

Radiator supply, service, & repair for all industries

Indocool provides a supply, service, & repair of radiator assy and radiator core only in all industries and applications.

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